Dr Simon Kennon MB ChB, FRCP, MD Consultant Cardiologist


What to bring along

It is helpful to bring along to the consultation a referral letter if you have one, a copy of your current prescription and your insurance details if you are insured.

The consultation

At the consultation itself Doctor Kennon will talk to you about your symptoms and concerns. You will be examined and usually this will involve taking your pulse and blood pressure before listening to the heart and lungs using a stethoscope.

A routine 12 lead ECG is almost always required and when this has been performed Doctor Kennon will discuss with you: what the diagnosis is likely to be; what, if any, further investigations are required; what, if any, treatment is required.


Non-invasive investigations (heart rhythm and blood pressure monitoring, echocardiograms, blood tests) are performed at all hospitals but invasive investigations such as coronary angiography are performed at the Wellington Hospital or the Barts Heart Centre.

Tablet Treatment

Prescriptions for new tablets will be provided if required. This will be a private prescription that can be used at any pharmacy but you will have to pay the pharmacist. Prices often vary significantly between pharmacies. Your general practitioner will be able to transfer this over to an NHS prescription but policies regarding this vary from practice to practice. Many prefer to receive correspondence before prescribing new medication themselves.


Doctor Kennon will discuss the benefits and risks of any procedure with you before organizing them at a time that is convenient for you.


If you require an operation, for example a bypass operation, you will be referred on to see a consultant surgical colleague who will discuss the benefits and risks of the operation with you before organizing it at a time that is convenient for you.

Follow up appointments

Arrangements for follow up appointments to discuss investigation results or to review the effect of treatment will be discussed with you at your initial consultation.