Dr Simon Kennon MB ChB, FRCP, MD Consultant Cardiologist



You will want to understand what your diagnosis is, what investigation and what treatment may be required. Dr Kennon views detailed explanationsin non-medical terms as a fundamental part of any consultation, along with with ample opportunity to ask any further questions you want to.


Anxiety and fear add to the distress of any illness. Fear of the unknown, anxiety and fear about potential diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. Dr Kennon views discussing, managing and treating this to be an important part of any consultation.

Family and friends

Support from family and friends can be important when you are not feeling well. Dr Kennon is happy for family members or friends to attend consultations with you.


Getting around London is rarely easy. Dr Kennon will discuss with you the various options for the type, timing and location of investigations, treatments and follow up consultations to minimise the disruption to you and your family.